What is bitcoin?


What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the worlds very first DECENTRALIZED form of digital currency. Bitcoins are digital coins can be transferred peer to peer ANYWHERE across the Internet without the need of banks, financial institutions or any 3rd party interference.



1. Crash Course On Bitcoin (Blockchain Technology)

• What Is Bitcoin

• History Of Bitcoin (Growth And Development)

• How To Get Set Up For Bitcoin (Bitcoin Wallet)

2. Passive Investing

• Trading On Cryptocurrency Exchanges (coinmarketcap, over 500 currencies, Top Cryptocurrency exchanges)

• ICO & Crowdfunding

• Monthly R.O.I. of 25% Monthly w/Ethtrade

3. Major Players That Have Already Invested in Blockchain Technology

• JP Morgan (R3)

• Goldman Sachs


Bill Gates

4. Bitcoin And Blockchain Use Cases

• Payments

• Smart Contracts

• Remittance

• Currency

• Blockchain Data ledgers

5. Countries That have Already Started To Adopt

• China – Billons of Chinese users are ditching restrictive and limited banking systems and moving towards non banking services and fintech platforms

• Russia – Russia has changed its position on bitcoin and now recognizes it as legal currency

• India – With recent demonization that has affected this economy

Japan– now accepts bitcoin as legal currency